Add Instant Life

Add Instant Life

A comprehensive presentation of the most recent artworks of the artist Rik van Iersel

1 September until 27 September, 2002

Opening  Sunday 1 September, 17.00h

Add Instant Life is a comprehensive presentation of the most recent, multifarious artworks of the Eindhoven artist Rik van Iersel. The project is an inter-institutional programme involving three art institutes: Galerie Willy Schoots, De Krabbedans and MU. Galerie Willy Schoots displays newpaintings, De Krabbedans showcases sculpts and MU presents a work process
and a number of performances.

The launch of the book 'Steal Softly Thru Snow-the 27 points' will take place concurrently with the exhibitions in Eindhoven. The book is a powerful registration of the development of Van Iersel in the past decade, a development which has culminated in 'the 27 points', a series of 27 canvasses of 180 x 190 cms each.

Rik van Iersel (1961) lives and works in Eindhoven. He has participated in a substantial number of exhibitions, all of which were accompanied by out-of-the-way catalogues. Van Iersel explores and embraces materials, media and life itself. At the age of eighteen, he designs posters for pop concerts in the Effenaar, draws comic strips, plays the drums in Der Junge Hund and
makes his first large, colourful, expressionist paintings which straight away lead to a solo exhibition in Galerie Willy Schoots. In the years to follow, the work of Rik van Iersel has been on display in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, New York and San Francisco.

The presentation in MU is centred on Rik van Iersel's work processes. The exhibition is a continuously changing 'succession' of imagery, scribbles, drawings, words, paintings, sounds, video images and photos; intriguing combinations of 'storyboards' suddenly merging into larger works. The numerous small works on display have emerged during a process of exploring, looking, listening and collecting. They are essential elements of the artist's work While charged with an intrinsic quality, these works are virtually absent in any final presentation. Sometimes these collages function as points of departure for paintings. The project in MU is an experiment to test the theory of 'the live exhibition', an exhibition which towards the closing stage will have a completely different set-up from the opening day. The exhibition is on view during the MU opening hours. Visitors will be confronted with an updated version of the state of affairs. Rik van Iersel will often be found rearranging the exhibition, constructing a new work or rehearsing one of the performances. One feels like strolling into Van Iersel's studio rather than visiting a self-contained exhibition. During the exhibition period in MU, 5 performances will take place presenting a synthesis of music and image. There is a strong philosophical and spiritual affinity between Rik van Iersel and the musicians invited by the artist and MU to take part in the performances and shows. The musicperformances at MU are being realised in co-production with Muzieklab Brabant.

Music performances at MU
(free admittance)


Sunday September 1, 17.00h
Mind Train
Exhibition and video-projections Rik van Iersel
Music with: Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Trio Lieber Thee, Victor Snijtsheuvel, Lucy Dee's Angels


Friday September 6 september, 20.00h
Exhibition and video-projections Rik van Iersel and Remko Scha
Music with : Remko Scha en The Solenoids, Agent Radio by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha, Ger van de Beuken, Rik van Iersel


Friday September 13, 20.00h
The 27 points
Exhibition and video-projections Rik van Iersel
Music with: Mark E. Smith (The Fall), Victor Snijtsheuvel, Rik van Iersel


Friday September 20, 20.00h
Six suns make my day
Exhibition and video-projections Rik van Iersel
Music with : Han Bennink, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Rik van Iersel


Friday September 27, 20.00h
Video puré
Exhibition and video-projections Rik van Iersel and Luk Sponselee,
Music with : Trio Lieber Thee, Horst Rickels, Ger van de Beuken, Ad Peijnenburg

Rik van Iersel, Luc Sponselee, Han Bennink, Thurston Moore, Terry Ex, Mark E Smith, Ger van de Beuken, Horst Rickels and others.