Archipix 2000

Archipix 2000

The best graduation projects of the institutes in architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture

August 20 until September 1, 2000

Opening Friday August 20, 20.00h

The exhibition Archiprix 2000 presented the best graduation projects of the participating institutes in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Wageningen. The diversity of the 26 projects in Archiprix 2000 was a reflection of the substance of design education in 1998-1999. Unlike other competitions, Archiprix 2000 knew no common assignment, leaving room for the entrants to present different scale-levels, thematics and presentation methods. This year, the jury assessing the projects consisted of Eelco Hooftman, Liesbeth van der Pol, Anna Vos and Moshé Zwarts. The jury granted two prizes and three honour mentions. The projects 'Aan den Aemstel' (Jaco Woltjer, TU Delft) and 'Het gelaagde land' (Bart Reuser and Marijn Schenk, TU Delft) won a shared first prize. 'InMArGINE' (Roosmarie Carree, TU Eindhoven), 'Luxe stadsvilla's en de schilderijen van Francis Bacon' (Julietta Zanders, Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam) and 'Object Architecture on the Belgian Coast' (Isabelle Krier, TU Delft) were awarded honour mentions. The direct occasion for ACE to present Archiprix 2000 in MU were the entries of the Eindhoven graduates Roosmarie Carree, Arjan Harbers, Lisette Nobel and Emile van Vugt

In InMarGINE, Carree envisioned a meditation site on the Müllerpier in Rotterdam with a park and a cemetery. Beautifully landscaped, the pier presented a perfectly smooth continuity of scenic and architectural elements, an enigmatic interplay of life and death. Very carefully laid out, the various access routes enhance the impact of the area and its surroundings. The execution of the project follows directly from the views of the designer and finds its culmination in the well-thought out materialisation of the plan. Basing his project on a case study of the industrial park De Hoef in Amersfoort, Arjan Harbers investigated the feasibility of living in pheriphal industrial sites. Lisette Nobel presented a building for art and entertainment events on the Westerdokeiland in Amsterdam. Emile van Vugt contributed a design for an underground media centre and media machines positioned 56 metres high on the skyline of Rotterdam. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue entitled 'Archiprix 2000, de beste Nederlandse studentenplannen', published by 010 Publishers

Roosmarie Carree, Arjan Harbers, Lisette Nobel, Emile van Vugt