Back End - Dries Depoorter

Back End - Dries Depoorter

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On show

20 July - 23 September


20 July

From 20.00

Entrance € 3,- including 1 drink

Free entrance if you have less than 5% battery


23 September

What privacy, artificial intelligence and digital connectedness have in common? They are all interwoven in the work of Dries Depoorter. In Back End he shows how boundaries can be dissolved with a few simple interventions. How human creativity and machine learning, private and public, entertainment and morality all blend together. Anything can be linked and the actual connections are visible; the cables, the plugs, the way the software works. Depoorter’s play with technology, access and data analysis creates a sense of unease. Ten recent and new works will be on show in MU from 20 July until 23 September. “You can say they are critical… and, well, I think they are not entirely without humour.”

Where MU
When 20 July - 23 September 2018
Opening Friday 20 July from 20.00

Thursday 20 September 

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