Become Panoramic - MU at the Hermitage in Helmond

Become Panoramic - MU at the Hermitage in Helmond

Paul van Osch

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January 13 - April 15, 2007

Helmond. Hermitage Helmond is an art project in the centre of Helmond. The Hermitage enables the visitor to have an one on one art experience. This is established in cooperation with a range of art organisations from the region. MU is one of them.
In this second period of three months MU is showing silent, frozen, 3D artwork by Paul van Osch in a small vault. This follows the frequently visited project that MU presented in the big vault, Influenza: Free Money For All by Jeroen Jongeleen.

Paul van Osch (1966)
Office windows, waiting rooms, service hatches and queues. Endless, useless, but nevertheless with a goal. To wait, and wait. To stand still, or to move a little. Will the other office window be any quicker? Or I will stay where I am? In the dark. No, I will follow the light. Or will the light follow me? It is a subtle dance with the light. Meaningless, useless, to watch, to experience. Is it my turn yet? Why am I here for?
The artist, Paul van Osch, does built surroundings that play with you, but it is not a game for children. With few interventions, Van Osch throws the viewer in a Kafka-like world. Unheimisch, empty, cold and completely impersonal but absolutely recognizable for everyone who ever has to wait. And everyone does. Enter his originally lightless room and be surprised by the light. Walk through and feel watched. A ball, a ball and a small light but nobody wins.

Paul van Osch is invited by Jacki Dodemontová for MU.