Experiment in 2 and 3D

Experiment in 2 and 3D

Guest studios Daglicht & Beeldenstorm

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June 17 - July 16, 2006

Froglike creatures with a skin almost looking like paper are climbing the walls. Aluminium buses the size of your finger, letters about love, death and work, and singles fanning out across the wall like a virus. The results of the guest studios of facilitating institutes Beeldenstorm and Daglicht are worth looking at. They are on view in MU in De Witte Dame from Saturday, June 17 through Sunday, July 16.


In 2005, sixteen artists and one collective passed two months each in one of the three guest studios in the Meulensteen Art Centre on the grounds of the Technical University in Eindhoven. Among them were many artists, this time also a strikingly large number from Rotterdam, and a couple of architects and designers. The participants took full advantage of the opportunities to experiment in two and three dimensions.

Experience with graphic or metal casting techniques is not a requirement to start working in one of the guest studios. After all, the guest studios are meant to be the arena of boundary-transgressing experiments in the field of classical techniques. Therefore, there is bronze, rubber, and epoxy casting, and silk screens and etchings in addition to stamped garden gates and cut-up vinyl.


While the end product can never be the goal of a stay in one of the guest studios of Daglicht and Beeldenstorm, the 2005 participants have managed to use the lust for experiment and research to create generally strong pieces. Sometimes, these works fit in with the oeuvre in a surprising manner, at other times they follow completely new avenues. Be that as it may, together they always make for an exhibition of great interest, also for a broader audience.

Participating artists in the guest studios of Daglicht and Beeldenstrom 2005 are Thomas Ankum, Alphons ter Avest, Mariëlle van den Bergh, Jeroen Bodewits, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Anne van Eck, Eric Jan van de Geer, Milou van Ham, Renato Kindt, Lisa Smith, Regina Verhagen, Danielle Lemaire, Sef Peeters, Alexandra Roozen, Christine Saalfeld and Niels Staal. Owing to personal circumstances, the Antwerp collective Rotkop will not contribute to this exhibition.


A selection of the results of the guest studios 2005 of Beeldenstorm and Daglicht will be on view from June 17 through July 16 in MU in De Witte Dame, Emmasingel 20, Eindhoven.


The opening will take place on Saturday June 17, between 04.00h–07.00h with music by Follow Me (Danielle Lemaire and Eva van Deuren). Open: Thursday and Friday 10.00h –06.00h, Saturday 11.00h–05.00h, Sunday 01.00h–05.00h.