Generating Live 2

Generating Live 2

An investigation into the integration of sound, images and graphics

February 10 until March 25, 2001

Opening Friday February 10, 20.00h

Generating Live is a dynamic environment featuring projections, sound and light and fragments from movies, music and club culture. The event is an investigation into the integration of sound, images and graphics, carried out by means of software that was especially developed for this purpose by the V2-lab. This software can generate endless new settings (setups) which as in a movie take place in successions of twenty-minute cycles, presenting an opening scene, a couple of interlinking scenes, a denouement and an end. Generating Live by Geert Mul is a never-ending, self-developing and self-generating epic, its presentation method, subject matter and atmosphere adjusted to different occasions and locations.

Generating Live 2, especially designed for MU, was based on Generating Live 1, which was designed for the De Vleeshal in Middelburg. Generating Live 2 was presented on four huge transparent projection screens. Walking through the exhibition hall and observing the project from different perspectives, the visitors were confronted with self-renewing combinations of images. Generating Live 2 was 'emptier' and more filmic than the first version, featuring longer tension curves and a more rigid structure. The sound, an ambient rhythm containing city noises and snatches of music, is very cleverly and subtly intensified at the spots where the visitor was standing. Generating Live 2 was realised Geert Mul (video, audio and lighting design) in collaboration with Jochem Paap alias Speedy J.(sound design), Koot (text images) and Lucas van der Velden (midi and sound programming).

Operating under the name of Cut-Up, Geert Mul (Alphen aan de Rijn, 1965) is seen as one of the pioneers in the field of VJ-ing. His work was on display in the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, in the Biennial Big Torino and during the music festivals Lowlands and DRUM & RHYTM. Geert Mul also made videos for the fashion house Diesel.