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January 14 - January 29, 2006 | February 11 - February 26, 2006

If it’s visual arts you’re looking for, Eindhoven is a real treasure trove of surging and seething underground artistic vigour. To make the public at large aware of the as yet little known artistic developments, MU and De Krabbedans have organized the exhibition HIER2.

As many as twenty artists under 35, all of them living in the region Eindhoven and working at a high level of quality, have been given the opportunity to present themselves in the first two months of 2006 in MU and De Krabbedans. They could easily be regarded as a new generation of artists who so far have only been able to present themselves on occasion and in a non-coherent way.


HIER2 offers these artists for the first time not only the space to show their work in a professional setting to a wide public, but also the opportunity to present new work and introduce expressions of cross-fertilization and interchange. The work of the twenty artists will be displayed in MU and De Krabbedans, two exhibition spaces in a characteristic building called De Witte Dame. As the exhibition is split up into two three-week time blocks and organized in two separate spaces, there will be room enough for the five artists in each group to do their own thing without any restrictions.


HIER2 is about the here and now, about living art. Therefore, all participants are explicitly challenged to take their work a step further, an approach which links up seamlessly with the enterprising do-it-yourself mentality of most of the Eindhoven artists.


Just like the first edition of HIER in 2002, HIER2 is rock-solid proof for the fact that the cultural climate in Eindhoven is definitely not ruled by design and technology alone. Some of the participating artists have deliberately chosen for an autonomous art career after graduating from the Design Academy. Together with a number of diehard painters, conceptual constructors and imaginative photographers from various other art academies in Brabant and other regions, they will present in HIER2 a multifaceted picture of the youngest generation of artists who settled in South-east Brabant in the past couple of years. Even so, it’s definitely not only the postcode which they have in common, because also in terms of mentality and the zest for work all participants are firmly rooted in Eindhoven.


The ten following artists present their work at MU: 

Erosie, Gijs Pape, Paul Segers, Miriam Temme, Griet Menschaert, Gijs van Bon, Snodevormgevers, Sebastiaan Dijk, Bram Hermens, Lotte van Lieshout, John van Litsenburg

De Krabbedans

Karina van Heck, Marissa van Mourik, Rachida Post, Anouk Bax, Freek Lomme, Jobina Tinnemans, Annette Born, Berry Sanders, Rob Looman, Jeroen Vrijsen