I Am A Camera

I Am A Camera

500 photo's by 71 international artists

January 22 until Februari 12, 2003

Opening wednesday 22 January, 20.00h

Slide shows: sunday January 26 and Sunday February 2 at 15.00

The idea for ‘I Am A Camera’ is developed by Danielle Lemaire and Jan van den Dobbelsteen, who invited national and international artist to enter 5 to 10 non-photos from their personal photo collection. A non-photo is a photograph taken accidentally, often without any reason, intention or purpose.
These photos, however, might give us a better understanding of the photographer and his or her true passions. Non-photos can be technical ‘botch-ups’, or experiments producing unintentional images. These photos do not pretend to be art, yet they are often put aside by the artists and kept for no apparent reason.
The exhibition features all the photos entered by the participating artists, provided the photos were already part of the artist’s collection. The artists themselves are responsible for the selection of their photos; the curators occupy themselves with the selection of artists who are likely to enter interesting and eye-opening material. The photos should not exceed an A4 size and will be shown under glass plates.

The visual artists Danielle Lemaire and Jan van den Dobbelsteen are both active in the multimedia landscape of plastic arts. Individually, they develop interdisciplinary exhibitions involving sound, paintings, drawings, video films, books, images/sculptures etc. Under the name of JaDa they also organise group exhibitions with other artists. ‘I Am A Camera’ is a case in point of this.
During the slide shows, two artists at a time will give a presentation of slides referring to the content of the non-photos. The slides are by Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Meeuw, Jozef van Rossum and Joost Visser. A CD-ROM containing all the photos in the exhibition can be purchased during the exhibition at the MU counter on the first floor

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Among the participating artists are:

Jandek (USA), Peter Fengler, Jad Fair (USA), Martha Colburn, Diskono (UK)

Roy Villevoye, Moritz Ebinger, Koen Delaere, Meeuw, Peter Cox, John Körmeling, Lucky Kitchen (Esp), Scott Haggart (UK), Phil Milstein (USA), Steve Roden (USA), Vaast Colson (België), Felix Kubin (G)

Navid Nuur (NL), Honet (F), BLU (IT), Jeroen Jongeleen (NL)