Individualisation in present-day 'society of electronics'

December 1 until January 24, 2001

Opening Friday December 1, 20.00h

The exhibition 'Individualisering /Individualisation' was sparked off by the housing development plan 'OfftheRoad-5speed non-standard prefab housing' by Lars Spuybroek (Bureau NOX). The thematic exhibition relating to the increasing individualisation in present-day 'society of electronics' presented work by Lars Spuybroek, photographer Andreas Gursky, architect/designer Greg Lynn (FORM) and Kolatan MacDonald Studio.

Spuybroek was commissioned by the committe Stadsbeeld to design 'OfftheRoad-5speed non-standard prefab housing', a plan which he worked out at a later stage at the request of housing association Trudo. Spuybroek investigated the applicability of a system for the construction of a housing estate made up of individual, industrially constructed dwellings, complying with different forms of cohabitation and unity. The investigation resulted in the so-called 'Komkommerwoningen' (Cucumber Dwellings), dwellings whose shape was based on the shape of a sea cucumber. These dwellings, which are industrially manufactured of polyurethane, have no transitions between floors, walls and ceilings and can be compartmentalised at random. Although mass-produced, these dwellings can be realised in various shapes, meeting a specific urban situation.

Gursky's gigantic photo 'Paris-Montparnasse' was a visualisation of the repetitive nature of industrial construction and the depersonalisation of the occupants of identical apartments; however, it also showed the individuality of the interiors behind the facades.

Greg Lynn researches the applicability of flexible, computer-aided manufacturing techniques in building industry, based on the techniques developed in car industry. Lynn's contribution to the exhibition consisted of a number of models from his project 'Embryologic Housing'.

Greg Lynn, Kolatan and Mac Donald were exponents of the first generation of architects who in the University of Columbia investigated the application of computer techniques in architecture. They presented their work integrated in existing commercials as 'product placement': the commercials remain the same, but the Kolatan Mac Donald houses appear in the existing suburban settings over and over again.

Concurrently with the exhibition, Lars Spuybroek and Greg Lynn held a lecture about their work in the Auditorium of De Witte Dame.

Lars Spuybroek (Bureau NOX), Andreas Gursky, Greg Lynn (FORM), Kolatan MacDonald Studio.