Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine

HEYHEYHEY & the Mental Mechanical Masterminds

designteam: HEYHEYHEY - Frank Winnubst - Bas van Raay - Bart Bekker - Kor Smeenge - Jeroen Hezemans - The Cre8ion.Lab: Bas van Hout - Loek Jurres - Jorg van Keulen - Colin Raaijmakers - Joran Quinten - Kal Konings

His full name is Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine, but he also listens to the short version of this name: Melvin the Machine. And to make it even more diffi cult he is also a Rube Goldberg or, if you like, a Pitagora Suicchi. It doesn’t even matter much what you call him as long as you picture yourself a machine that is deliberately overconstructed in such a way that it carries out a very simple task in an extremely complicated manner, often in the form of a chain reaction.

Melvin is not a designmachine though. Instead of actually designing a product Melvin will just ‘be’, which makes him almost human. The makers, the designer duo HEYHEYHEY and their team of Mental Mechanical Masterminds, are after what they call the ‘super moment’ and the experience of it, rather than an end result. However, the machine will leave traces behind, things that are released during the process. And because this machine is, very 21st century, a 2.0 version, Melvin consists of not only a pile of mechanical bits and pieces but also various digital elements.

Melvin the Machine will be dozing quietly at MU throughout the Dutch Design Week 2010. Operated by a couple of laboratory assistants/professors, the machine will be made ready for use, with the process being restarted over and over again.

Super-super moment opening on Saturday October 23 between 3 and
5 pm. Melvin is on view daily form the 23rd till the 31st of october.

photo: HEYHEYHEY & Boudewijn Bollmann