Muslima's and fasion

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June 15 - July 15, 2007

In the exhibition MSLM, on view from June 15 in WEI on the corner of the Ventose flat in the Mathildelaan, the fashion awareness of young Muslim girls takes centre stage. Headscarves and burqas may have created quite a stir in recent years, but they are undeniably everyday garments and therefore trend-sensitive. Political and religious discussions aside, Muslimas present themselves in this project as ordinary young women and girls with their own ideas, tastes, preferences, references, opinions, and considerations with regard to fashion and clothing. Muslimas are fashion-conscious and they experience their clothing rules just like other Dutch girls who want to or have to comply with clothing rules, latest fashion crazes, or trends. Muslimas do not wear identical uniforms. Even when Muslimas wear headscarves, it’s the differences that are the most conspicuous: the various ways in which headscarves are wrapped, the combinations with other garments, the colours, these aspects all tell different and unique stories. After all, the backgrounds of the Muslim girls are all very different and so is the level of their commitment to their religion.

The project MSLM, developed and produced by Mama in Rotterdam and presented in Eindhoven by MU, consists of an exhibition and a glossy publication. The editors of this magazine, which is entirely designed in fashion style, are all young Muslimas. It goes without saying that this magazine is for sale during the exhibition. To be able to present the exhibition, Mama and MU have joined forces with the young artists’ initiative WEI. WEI is housed in a retail premises with large shop windows, downstairs in the Ventose flat, which is precisely the ambiance the exhibition needs. During the exhibition, fashion shows, lectures, and workshops will take place on specific Friday evenings.