MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen

MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen

Red Road

MU | De Witte Dame

A relay farewell to The Witte Dame

After nearly sixteen years of MU in our location at De Witte Dame, it is time to move on. We have become young grownups at this location, and at our new location in Strijp S, we will MUtate further. But De Witte Dame deserves a special farewell, so during the last five months of MU |De Witte Dame we will show a special “relay” group exhibition .

For MUtate we invite five artists/artist collectives with roots and/or links to Eindhoven to take over the MU space, each for one month. From February to the end of June, they will each have the opportunity to make a big statement within which they seamlessly build upon each others works in space and time.
The audience is welcome to walk in and see how the installations are growing, and periodically there will be big parties. When exactly? That’s up in the air, floating around Facebook and is whispered on the MU website.

MUtate No.1 Willem Claassen

Red Road
Opening: Friday February 14, 8pm

Willem Claassen (1978) gets the ball rolling in February. Willem is known for his large-scale installations that often refer to games, roller coasters or give a twist to existing structures. Using second hand materials from previous exhibitions Willem will literally start to build a road. Every day, visitors can take a walk on the contrasting Red Road that increasingly paves its way through the empty space.

MUtate No.2 Heyniek | Arcade

March 1 –March 31 | Opening: Friday March 7, 8 pm

MUtate No.3 KNOL | Transworkers

April 1 – April 30 | Opening: Friday April 4,  8pm
Special program on Friday April 25, 8 pm

MUtate No.4 Stan Wannet | Dialogue Intérieur

May 1 – May 31 | Opening: Sunday May 4, 2 pm
Special program on Sunday May 25, 2 pm

MUtate No.5 La Bolleur | Let there be light   

June 1 – June 30 | Opening: Friday June 13, 8pm
Special program on Sunday June 29, 2pm (closing event)