Paradise Pleix Paradise Pleix Paradise Pleix

Paradise Pleix

Opening Friday 9, from 20.00

Fortunate accidents and the small contradictions of life, now and the day after tomorrow, are the ready-made meals with which the digital collective Pleix likes to feed itself. Based in Paris, the seven-members of Starship Pleix sometimes seems to be in orbit around the Earth in order to be able to observe and map it out even more clearly.
Because what on earth are all those creatures doing there? Human beings, animals, and everything in between. Everything is transforming, deforming or mutating. They are throwing themselves en masse into pleasure, but in all the hustle and bustle a wry feeling of loneliness and vulnerability still predominates. Come too close and everyone turns out be armed or harnessed to the teeth.
It is certainly not paradisiacal if you look at it through Pleix’s eyes. But neither is it totally devoid of humour, melancholy and absurdity. Perhaps Paradise Pleix is first and foremost life as it is, and then a touch exaggerated in the digital overdrive.

The fact that their work links up with the theme of GLOW, in which the city shows its face, is an extra bonus. The first week of Paradise Pleix coincides with this imposing light-art event. And who would not want to be enlightened and enter paradise if it is on the way anyway....

Monday to Friday, 10.00-18.00 h
Saturday 11.00-17.00 h
Sunday 13.00-17.00 h


Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

Admission 3 Euros / free during GLOW evenings.