Exhibition PLAYTIME by Maurer United Architects

September 1 until October 2001

Opening Friday September 1, 20.00h

In parallel with the exhibition in MU, Maurer United Architects will compile a publication entitled PLAY, which is to be published in english language by 010 Publishers in Rotterdam. Maurer United Architects (MUA) Nicole Maurer (1969) and Marc Maurer (1969) are both graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University Eindhoven. Since 1996 they have been working independently in Eindhoven under the name of Maurer United Architects. Their designs are characterized by specific layers of meanings that are not always identifiable for the public at first sight. In the designs, meaning takes precedence over form, redefining concepts such as inside/outside or private/public. MUA do not only question the boundaries within the architectonic composition, but they also target the boundaries of architecture itself. By mixing the discipline of architecture with various disciplines of designing, they have managed to develop a distinctive style of their own, characterized by a specific attitude: PLAY.

"The term PLAY doesn't mean to say that we're not dealing with design projects seriously. What we try to do is to formulate a number of rules of our own parallel to the design project itself. The design project itself might get more complicated, yet for us the result is definitely more interesting. Compare the process to a child playing: it isn't wasting its time, on the contrary, it's training the brain, learning all on its own to find different and better solutions to various problems.
For us, the learning process keeps playing a key role through all the stages of designing. In fact, it is the essence of designing. The pursuit of originality is underpinning this process." Through awards and nominations, the two young designers have earned a reputation within a relatively short time. Their daily occupation is mainly dedicated to developing a network, a designing attitude and an individual style. Proceeding from a background in architecture, they keep investigating in their work the relationship between architecture, design and visual arts. Bearing in mind the objectives of MU, it stands to reason that MU director Ton van Gool has asked Maurer and Maurer to present their work in De Witte Dame in Eindhoven. The two architects weren't very keen on presenting their work by means of the traditional display of maquettes and drawings. Encouraged by MU, they started realizing a new concept for the exhibition, which resulted in PLAYTIME, an exhibition featuring their own work and work of like-minded designer friends and artists. They feel that the selection of designers and artists as well as the presentation of the works will contribute to an even clearer understanding of their world of thought and the ensuing designing attitude.

Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer function as curators of their own exhibition. Their own work is presented in a display of maquettes and drawings, while the functional designs of the selected designers are represented by realized products. In this way the curators demonstrate how striking, yet generation-specific and productive the 'attitude of play' can be.

The exhibition will be opened September 1, 20.00h at MU. In the exhibition a number of projects, designed by MUA and friends, will be presented : a 3D sound room for the music by KID SUNDANCE, a surf-chill for SAIKO travellers, a showroom for the waxwork of DJ CHANTELLE, an original DELTA amusement arcade, a spatial ZEDZ mural, a number of designs for contemporary pavilions, an interactive video-installation and several video productions. In the show all these designs can be experienced virtually in an action computer game. Within the scope of Planet Rock, a yearly HipHop Event, MUA will give a presentation of their company in general and of PLAYTIME in particular. The presentation will be held at the Auditorium of De Witte Dame September 29 at 16.00h. After the presentation the audience can chill at the exhibition until the Planet Rock events opens at 18.00h at De Beursgebouw in Eindhoven. Friday October 5 at 20.00h the book presentation of PLAY will take place at MU. Participating artists ZEDZ Since his teens, ZEDZ (1971) has been active in circles of Dutch graffitists. Known under the tag ZEDZ, he has since 1986 participated in crews such as 'LHC' (Leiden Hardcore), 'MP' (Mad Posse) and 'TSF (The Split Force). Since 1994 he has been a member of the well-known 'INC' (INCONTROL) crew. In 1992 he enrolled in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and graduated from this academy as a graphic designer/independent artist in 1998. The tag ZEDZ is an essential element in his work, which comprises both autonomous and applied art forms. His tag, for instance, might show up on a train, in a gallery, on the DRUM-tobacco packet and on the accompanying billboards.

ZEDZ, Richard Rotgans (SAIKO), Raimond Gesthuizen (KID SUNDANCE), Boris Tellegen (DELTA), Boris van Berkum (DJ CHANTELLE)