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The Tiny Tim

The early years of Tim Enthoven 1994 - 2003

How do we hold on to our memories? In how far do memories make us who we are? But also, in how far do they actually distort what once was true? These are questions that are on everyone’s minds now and then, even though in this era of social media, they have acquired a different dimension. It is scarcely imaginable now that this was totally different some ten to fifteen years ago. A diary, a sketchbook, what is the good of them now that there is Facebook? Fortunately some people still know how to turn the preservation of 'what is' and 'what was' into a fine art. Tim Enthoven is one such person.

Tim Enthoven draws. Ever since his earliest childhood he has been drawing. His memories are couched in ink. Since he graduated with honours from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 2010, his draughtsmanship has been conquering the world, simply by registering it. Sometimes his subjects are common-or-garden objects that he commits to paper with acute precision, as in the case of his graduation project ‘Binnenskamers’ (Dutch for Indoors), the graphic novel he published last year; as also on the cover of The New York Times Magazine or in one of his many sketchbooks, such as the little one in which he draws a portrait of everyone he talks to for more than fifteen minutes. At other times he draws bizarre metamorphoses with a moustache growing to cover the entire body, or a small wooden robot dancing around.

That Tim's present style fascinates a great many people is beyond dispute. But the piled-up boxes in a corner of his studio, in which he keeps his youth-in-drawings, are if anything even more fascinating. Not only do they tell us something about the development of his draughtsmanship, but also about his coming of age then and thereby also a little bit about now. At MU’s special and insistent request, he has agreed, just this once, to carefully unpack his autobiography: as the curator of his own youth, he arranges the apparently randomly-chosen events from his past into a ready-made story. With The Tiny Tim, he shows us the traumas and talents of a future draughtsman in a cross-border story full of self-help tools, registered in boys’ rooms and sailors’ cabins.

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