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9 september t/m 8 oktober 2006

The London collective D-Fuse ranks among the international top class makers of audiovisual art and VJ-ing. Founded in the middle of the 1990s by designer/artist Michael Faulkner, D-Fuse (a play on words expressing both the fusion and the diffusion in the work) has developed into a versatile group of artists.


The collective consists of a small artistic core with Michael Faulkner still as the lynchpin, surrounded by a large number of kindred artists, designers, musicians, and architects. Depending on the project at hand, they join the collective temporarily and move away again, when the job is completed. This working method allows D-Fuse to be active in several disciplines without ever compromising its quality and artistic renewal. The collective’s output varies from multimedia installations and audiovisual performances to mobile media, graphic work, time-based architecture, and film.


It is D-Fuse’s ambition to continually broaden the scope of possibilities for digital art and to introduce this art to a wide audience in the most accessible way. In addition, D-Fuse makes regular contributions to the current discourse about the artistic applications of the newest as well as the more settled media. Though moving in the vanguard of technological art, D-Fuse will always bear in mind that technique in the arts is a means to an end, not the end itself.


The experiments carried out by D-Fuse contribute to the development of an individual language for the digital world. Their work is challenging; it provokes thoughts about experiencing art with more senses at the same time and on several levels simultaneously. D-Fuse prefers to work on the interface between image and sound.

Transmit is D-Fuse’s first large solo presentation. As befits the multifaceted and multidisciplinary nature of the collective, the project comprises three parts.


The first part is a live performance in the Effenaar, with a performance by D-Fuse itself and a number of guests. Among these guests are world-famous sound artist Scanner (UK), Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit (GER) and Terrace (NL), the VJ collectives ACTOP (UK/E) and Visualkitchen (B) and VJ Oxygen and Michel Banabila (NL).

The second part of Transmit is the exhibition in MU showing the full scope of D-Fuse’s multimedial work. The core of the show is the installation SmallGlobal in which D-Fuse stages a mind-blowing representation of our world changing rapidly and irrevocably under the influence of consumerism. In addition, D-Fuse has built especially for MU a tunnel of light and sound.

The third part of Transmit is a mini symposium that coincides with the global launch of the book A/V Audiovisual Art + VJ Culture by D-Fuse. The book and the accompanying DVD will appear (September 1, 2006) at the London publishing house Laurence King. The symposium is focused on the Dutch as well as on the international audience and will take place at the end of the project.