A new country escape for the 21st century

Wild-C is a continuous project during the Summer and Autum of 2012 at Sectie-C, Daalakkersweg 2, Eindhoven. You can visit the website for more information (in Dutch) www.wild-c.nl

A place where the city takes on a hint of the countryside and the countryside a hint of the city, where culture and nature form a pact and where people like to stay a little longer. A lively cultural hotspot. Thanks to an accessible, exciting and diverse programme of art, design, music, performance, workshops and food, everyone can linger for as long as they want, for inspiration or for fun, for rest or for play.

While last year, Wild-S at Strijp-S linked up with the United Nations’ International Year of Forests, this year we are linking up with the ‘year of Historic Country Houses’. A country house is traditionally a place where townspeople escape from their urban environment and enjoy themselves. With Wild-C, MU proposes a ‘new country escape for the 21st century’. From July 28 to October 28, 2012 MU will open this ‘new country escape for the 21st century’: Wild-C

Wild-C is being constructed on a deserted industrial site in Eindhoven: Sectie-C. Sectie-C can be found on the Daalakkersweg in the district of Tongelre in Eindhoven. The former Stork and ADL premises have been transformed into a breeding ground where young talents and established designers can come together. Part of this open-air area is being transformed into a lively venue where young and old can inhale both culture and nature. No country house or castle here, but rather, a playful, colourful site in an urban setting where a temporary injection of green gives expression to the future cultural ambitions of this urban area.

With Wild-C, MU takes the initiative in a special partnership with KOP Breda, Kunstpodium T (Tilburg), CBK ’s-Hertogenbosch, and Landkunst (BKKC). In collaboration with these partners, eleven artists and designers have been invited to develop special projects that will transform this site into a new country escape. These projects will nourish the imagination and arouse curiosity about the potential that is typical of an urban development area.

The works that have been specially made for Wild-C are highly diverse and range from monumental sculptures to subtle poetic elements, and from guerrilla-like interventions to interactive moments. The participating artists include: Willem Claassen, Tim Hoefnagels, laBolleur, Angela de Weijer, Diego Sindbert, Florian de Visser, Sil Krol, Germen Zoer, Theodora Kotsi, Anita Hrnic and Paul Geelen.

The far-reaching cooperation of these five North Brabant art institutions guarantees this collaborative project being spread throughout the province of North Brabant. MU's cooperation with these four partners is not only about content, but, in these times of crisis, is also a chance to demonstrate the potential and capacity of collaboration within a Brabant-wide cultural network. Ensuring that the works travel to other new and historic (country) venues in this province will open up an inspiring web of possibilities.

Not only does Wild-C offer a special platform for Brabant’s talented creative professionals, but also, there will be activities on site that aim to challenge amateurs and ‘ordinary citizens’ to express their views on ‘new country escapes’ and the relationship between culture and nature. These activities will take place from August 28, mainly during the weekends. On week days, Wild-C will also be open to groups and school classes. For young and old, culture buffs and nature lovers, local residents, inhabitants of Eindhoven and tourists, over the next few months there will be something for everyone to enjoy at Eindhoven’s first new country escape: Wild-C.

More www.wild-c.nl  [Dutch only]

Wild-C is a project from MU Eindhoven icw KOP Breda, Kunstpodium T Tilburg, CBK ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Landkunst (BKKC) and Sectie-C (Smalle Haven) and is supported by DOEN Foundation, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Ministerie van OCW and Gemeente Eindhoven.