MU offers schools and groups the opportunity to visit and experience exhibitions in a particular way. We organise guided tours and compile educational programmes for each of the various exhibitions. Groups can take part in workshops or carry out assignments that stimulate the participants to take an extra good look around. We also provide guest lessons for schools, and will gladly join in the conception of art projects for schools, to be held either intramurally or at MU, or both. Our educational programmes are made to measure. There is a programme for each level: from primary to secondary and higher education, and from vocational training to special education.

From now on MU offers free video lessons (from TEDed) for teachers and students. 

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More information? Please call 040-2961663 and ask for Vivian, or send a mail to


From now on, MU will be experimenting with new programmes under the name Play&Learn. The objective is to share everything we do very openly with our audience, and also to stimulate our audience to share their view of the world with us. Moreover, we are keen to investigate whether the latest digital resources could also help to bring generations together. During the first phase, Play&Learn will consist of various projects, such as an interactive website, FlipLab and Open School. This range of activities will be expanded over the next few years.

Pioneering with the public
Many digital technologies provide us with plenty of possibilities to experiment with art and visual culture. This is why MU is extending its exhibition space by adding an online environment called Play&Learn. Here everyone can plug in whenever he wants and get to work with apps, games, and videos and follow such online workshops as ‘creative coding’.  More..

Link between generations
In MU’s FlipLab we are developing new tools and methods that can be used in a playful manner to pass on some knowledge about new forms of art and visual culture, not only to the young, but also to a (growing) more elderly target group. The FlipLab is based on the idea of the Upside Down University, where seniors learn from juniors by intensive cooperation between the two groups. More

Open character
All  formats, methods and tools developed within Play&Learn will be made freely available to the public; online and offline. In Open School, twice a year we share our knowledge and experience with professionals, students, artists, designers and all those otherwise interested. More

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Tilburg University, SintLucas, Stichting Fiber, OddOne, Aloysius/De Roosten, Master students Fontys Arts, Eindhovens Dagblad.
Play&Learn is sponsored by the Province of North Brabant and BKKC.

29-08-2014 - 26-10-2014

We All Make Carpets

MU invited the young designers Marsha Simon en Eva van der Moer to make an anrtistic intervention with 4500 freshmen of Fonrys academy, to open their …

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06-06-2014 - 02-06-2014


MU invited the young designers Marsha Simon en Eva van der Moer to make an anrtistic intervention with 4500 freshmen of Fonrys academy, to open their …

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20-06-2014 - 02-06-2014

MU Open School #3

This event is in Dutch! The next edition of MU Open School will be on June 20, from 13.00 pm - 5 pm at MU Strijp-S.  For appllication or general information about Open School please contact Vivian van …

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03-04-2014 - 07-04-2014

Ludo’s and don’ts in gaming

Workshop on gaming and gamification for seniors, which is created ​​and taught by students of Game Art & development of SintLucas. Through the reverse mentoring principle they give seniors a glimpse into the …

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