Under Tomorrows Sky

Speculative visions of a future city

Opening August 10, 8 pm

Eindhoven has a tradition to uphold when it comes to thinking about the future, with technology and design together playing the leading role. It was therefore inescapable that the English think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today (TTT) would eventually find its way to Eindhoven. By now TTT has almost become part of the family.

Not only did they contribute to the Great Babylon Circus at MU, with the intriguing ‘Landscape of unnatural history’, and conceive the luminous drones that performed an interactive choreography over the river Dommel during GLOW, but behind the scenes they also worked together with Philips Design on the Design Probes programme.

This cooperation led to our curiosity about TTT’s many-sided practice and visions of the future being roused even further. More than any other they know how to link up contemporary, and in particular future-oriented thought on nature, urbanism, technology and culture, into inspiring and bizarre stories that tell us as much about the future as about the present day.

In all events, in their work they manage to expose the fashionable cult around ‘innovation’. According to TTT, the guise of innovation often simply shrouds a lack of historical awareness, a pitfall into which we ourselves would not like to fall. Freely and humorously switching between our late-modern past, present-day archaisms and retro-projections of the future, they denounce this shortcoming in a visual way. MU is pleased to give TTT front man Liam Young whatever room he needs for this.

Working as an urbanist, designer and futurist, he is seen as one the people who will change the face of architecture and design over the next few years. At MU, as the pivot in an extensive network of mad scientists, literary astronauts, speculative gamers and enlightened minds, he is starting out on a comprehensive project entitled Under Tomorrows Sky, in which the city of the future comes to life. After an initial think tank came together in June to sketch the contours of this city, it will actually be erected at MU at the end of July, and will be open to the public from August 10th. The idea is that this model of a city will serve as the décor for stories created by writers, film makers, artists, game developers, philosophers, designers, and of course the public, on urban life in the future.

More on www.undertomorrowssky.com

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