Duo's and Duels in design

Collaborate, spar, share dreams, and find forms of expression. Designers are often loners, locked up in their studio labouring over their newest object. Increasingly often, however, they’re closely cooperating in duos or in other formations, in order to achieve even better solutions, or even smarter ideas. XX stands for 2 or 20, and that’s what MU is all about this year.

Because 2 is twice 1, and even more than that.

To illustrate this vision, MU, Thijs Bakker and Annemarie Klijn invited this year ten duos who have proved themselves in the design profession. Some are family, others friends or partners. Some work together harmoniously; others create their best work in constant conflict, and still others join forces only occasionally. Be that as it may, each duo that commit themselves to XX, steps into the ring of cooperation that MU has prepared for them for ten days.

Jeroen Bisscheroux & Michiel Voet, Nadine Sterk & Lonny van Rijswijck/Atelier NL, Lucy McRea & Bart Hess, Erik Sjouerman & Elske van der Putten/HeyHeyHey, William van Giessen & Joost van der Steen/OK Parking, Anna ter haar & Cris Bartels, Pieke & Sjors Bergmans, Zelda Beauchampet & Eric de Haas, Arnout Visser & Erik Jan Kwakkel, Thijs Bakker & Annemarie Klijn.

Growing new Bio Art & Design

Matter Of Life | Side program

Until March 1st, 2015

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Growing new Bio Art & Design

Matter of Life

November 28, 2014 - March 1, 2015

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8 November – 15 November, 2014

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