Colleagues day

Colleagues day

Vis-à-Visa collective

Many people are familiar with having a part-time job and this is especially true for students, recent graduates and most of the members of the Vis-à-Visa collective. To start a conversation the collective members invite their co-workers from their part-time jobs to showcase their ‘other’ job – The Artist. They will turn ‘Home Sweet Home’ into their art office where they have a panel talk with artists and restauranters Lucas Maassen, Piet Hein Eek, collective member and full-time artist Metincan Güzel and head master program Design Academy Ilse Meulendijks. 

During this conversation they will go deeper in on their hiring of young designers and artists in non-art/design jobs. To understand what these choices look like, what it means to them and to get insight into their businesses that exist parallel to their art practices. The panel will also discuss the role of the design academy in providing access and support for their students and what their responsibilities look like/should be regarding work. 

Doors open at 7.30pm, with the event starting at 8.00pm and ending at 9.00pm. 

This event will be held in in English. Entrance is free. 

From 21:00pm until 2.00am you’ll be able to livestream the collective transforming the ‘Home Sweet Home’ installation on Rararadio Eindhoven.

Photo: Boudewijn Bollmann