Create Out Loud #2: Hybrid Design

Create Out Loud #2: Hybrid Design

Talking ‘bout Design

During Dutch Design Week, MU will host a lively talk show in which authors speak aloud. By welcoming different guests, we will push the boundaries of design in a manner that is both intriguing for a broad audience - and engaging for experts and professional designers.

Create Out Loud is in collaboration witch and will be presented by Isolde Hallensleben and recorded on audio.

Create Out Loud #2: Hybrid Design, on what design can be (24 October).
Parsons School of Design in New York added a new program to its curriculum last year: Hybrid Design Studies, founded by Li Edelkoort. The new program is based on the notion that creative education training for a single discipline is no longer adequate. According to Edelkoort, we must develop a more meandering and improvised creativity in which the boundaries between disciplines are questioned openly and shifted as needed. Design and art, fashion and science, technology and music, film and architecture, performance and journalism can all work together to open up space for new opportunities to arise. But aren’t we all already hyper hybrid in today’s world?


Lennart Booij (curator of design and program creator, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam), Erik Sjouerman (designer, HeyHeydeHaas), Bastiaan de Nennie (designer) Joris van Midde (dramatist, collaborating with Maarten Baas), and Ivan Henriques (multimedia artist, researcher, and winner of Talent Award Stimulation), among others.

Doors open at 17:30 event begins at 18.00


Full program:
- Create Out Loud #1: Sunday October 23 - For Play, Shaping Sexuality
- Create Out Loud #2: Monday October 24 - Hybrid Design, on what design can be
- Create Out Loud #3: Tuesday October 25 - Spirituality in Design
- Create Out Loud #4: Wednesday October 26- Crafting Complex Materials
- Create Out Loud #5: Thursday October 27 - Fail Design, designing & solving world problems
- Create Out Loud #6: Friday October 28 - Parliament of Things
- Create Out Loud #7: Saturday October 29 - Sparking Tech & Design