DDW21 | Bio Stories

DDW21 | Bio Stories

Re-envisioning relationships with nature

We stand at the dawn of a new science. The discipline of synthetic biology promises to make us architects of the living world. Multiple futures are possible. The choices we make now about how, when and why we design nature will have a transformative impact on all kinds of life on Earth, potentially for generations to come.

DDW and MU invited Faber Futures - founded by DDW ambassador Natsai Audrey Chieza - to present their project BIO STORIES: a forum to explore our relationship with nature and define a positive vision for what it could be. Together with the DDW audience, Faber Futures will examine how we can work with nature to shape a future that centers the values of equity, sustainability, solidarity and humility. 

Mon 18 Oct | Molecules: How do we value the living world?
Tue 19 Oct | Mission: What relationships do we have and want to have with nature?
Wed 20 Oct | Money: What systems, tools and infrastructures shape our relationships with the living world?

Where: MU, entrance at Torenallee | When: 18 till 20 October from 16.30 - 18.00 | Entrance: free | Language: English 


BIO STORIES is the product of a multi-stakeholder collaboration led by Faber Futures and has been developed in close communication with members of the Global Future Council on Synthetic Biology, and the council’s program manager, Elissa Prichep.

The project would not be possible without the support, contributions and guidance of Dr. Megan J. Palmer and Dr. Melissa Salm and in association with the Bio Policy & Leadership in Society (Bio.Polis) Initiative and the h.earth (humans+earth) grotto at Stanford University.