Hacking the News

Hacking the News

Workshop by DROG


From wildly exaggerated stories and jokes that got out of hand to conspiracy theories and military-operated political campaigns: disinformation comes in all shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, it has a detrimental impact on society. It is all around us, often without us even noticing. During the workshop Hacking the News you familiarise yourself with the world behind fake news.

Do you want to know why we all fall for click bait or how to spot fake news immediately? Assume the role of a fake news creator and experience how easy it is to fool unsuspecting news consumers. This way you will activate your own immune system against disinformation and vaccinate the people around you at the same time. 

Bring your own laptop / tablet! 
Maximum number of participants: 25

Where MU 
When Thursday 25 October 2018
Time 13.00 - 15.00 
Language English 
Registration and tickets the workshop is full