Opening Reverse Culture Shock

Opening Reverse Culture Shock

Brad Downey

Sometimes poetry is not enough, and sometimes is now. Artist Brad Downey, notorious for his subversive pranks and minimalist interventions in public space, shifts his focus from the street to the state. Instead of pairing a shopping cart to a bicycle, he places a model of Tatlin’s Tower on top of a tank in reference to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. He targets a barrier at the US-Mexican border rather than a garden fence, and graffiti buffs are replaced by censored images deemed indecent by the National Media Council of the United Arab Emirates. 

Still, there is plenty of poetry in Reverse Culture Shock, in MU from Friday 2 March to Sunday 29 April. In fact, it’s loud and clear. A terrarium filled with crickets, their chirping recorded and amplified, or a high stack of steel cylinders that comes crashing down only to resurrect itself like a push-button toy, over and over again. Control, ownership and our ability to change the established order have always been part of Downey’s work. In MU he cranks up the volume.

More about the exhibition Reverse Culture Shock

Where MU
On show 2 March - 29 April
19:00 Opening
19:30 Guided tour by Brad Downey
20:07 Performance My Mind Always Drifts

Opening 2 March 2018 19:00
Entrance € 3, free for We Are Public members