Luit Bakker & Bart van de Woestijne

A theatrical experience in a parallel universe where sexuality is a choice.

Queertopia is a conversion machine; no matter what your sexual preference is when you enter, you come out as queer. Because sexual preference is a choice. At least, in the parallel reality that the creators sketch for you.

In this immersive theatrical experience, in which the public debate surrounding love and sexuality is questioned: the LGBTQ+ lobby is thriving and its propaganda has penetrated every corner of society. The movement introduces a new conversion method. You now have the opportunity to rediscover yourself and enter one of the conversion machines as a participant.

What happens when we shape a world in which we don't try to define love and attraction? When love isn't part of a political agenda? What remains is the realization that our diversity is actually our strength. That we don't have to frame others. That ambiguity actually gives us more freedom.

With this project, creators Luit Bakker and Bart van de Woestijne open the conversation about emancipation. Together with the audience, they search for a new language for loving. The participant's personal experience is a valuable entry point for discussion about diversity, inclusion, and what queerness can mean for the world.

Queertopia can be experienced May 17th until May 20th. This immersive theater experience will take approximately 60 minutes and will be performed in English. Tickets for regular admission are 8,00, for students 5,00 and for WAP pasholders free. 

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Photo: Bart Grietens

About the creators
In Queertopia, the qualities of Luit Bakker and Bart van de Woestijne merge together. Luit aims to break down gender roles in her work in a humorous but confronting way. She is critical of society and seeks vulnerability in herself and her audience. Bart transforms life questions into thinking experiences in his Werkplaats van de Woestijne, where you are forced to search for your answer to a big, impossible question. Bart peels off political topics into existential questions. According to him, we need to think more about ourselves in order to change.


Concept and creation: Luit Bakker & Bart van de Woestijne

Tekst: Luit Bakker & Bart van de Woestijne

Performers: Judith Schuur & Storm Vogel
Light design and scenography: Tom Heintz & Jolein Kop
Sound design: Jelle Hoekstra
Dramaturgy: Maarten Bos
Coach: Liet Lenshoek
Marketing: Anton van der Sluis
Business manager: Leonie Kuhlmann
Production: Nikita Oldert and Ymke van Hoof

With support from: Likeminds, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Stichting Dioraphte, Stichting Lira, Stichting Bylandt