Urban safari with Wladimir Manshanden

Urban safari with Wladimir Manshanden

Searching for the poetry of concrete along the ragged edges of Eindhoven.

In the context of the exhibition Small Gestures, MU has invited the street artist Wladimir Manshanden to repeat his successful city safari. In 2012, he took a bus load of city dwellers on a tour of viaducts, forgotten places and hidden street art. Manshanden allows his fellow travellers to view the city from a different angle, and shows them the beauty of what he calls the ‘by-products of urban infrastructure’.

The tour gets under way with the MU exhibition Small Gestures at Strijp-S, and once en route visits such places as the Beukenlaan railway station, Philips de Jongpark, and the ‘De Hogt’ and ‘Ekkersweijer’ junctions. Tour participants can purchase Manshanden’s booklet 'Verweesde viaducten' (Orphaned Viaducts) for the special price of €5 (normal price €15).

Wladimir Manshanden is a committed city dweller and street artist. He works under the name of MANSHANDEN OP STRAAT (Manshanden on the Street). The aim of  Manshanden op Straat is to show the city of Eindhoven in a more friendly and poetic light.

Click here for an article by Trendbeheer on the 2012 city safari.

Practical information
Date:   June 9, 2013
Time: 14.00 h welcome at MU Strijp-S, visit to and guided tour of Small Gestures
        14.30 h start city safari
        17.00 h back at Strijp-S
Price:  €10.00 per person (minimum number of participants: 20)
          Group participation: € 250.00 (max. 50 persons)

Apply to:  Vivian van Gaal, vivian@mu.nl