You survived, what now? You survived, what now? You survived, what now?

You survived, what now?

POV: It’s 2024. Winter has come, and along with it the seasonal zombies. You might not mind the whole planet shutting down until this ghastly Dutch weather passes, but instead people barely blink as COVID19 infections become commonplace again. Is this what happens after Termine, Einde, The End, as the screen goes black, the credits rolls, and the somber music plays?

The zombies that seemingly announced the end of the world in 2020 have become integrated into the day to day, like many other contemporary societal issues of our time, nicely boxed up and packed away, and things seem back to normal… kinda. It’s not quite the same, but what is different? How are we carrying on in times of apocalypse? How can we resist knee-jerking back to the known ways of being?

Join Nadine Botha and Pete Ho Ching Fung to celebrate and reflect on life, resistance and joy in viral times at a workshop at MU Hybrid Art on Sunday 28 January from 2 to 4pm.