2020: it's (almost) a wrap!

2020: it's (almost) a wrap!

As the final weeks of 2020 and the first weeks of Evolutionaries pass by behind closed doors, MU, despite everything, is looking back at a year in which the exhibitions and projects we had planned so unsuspectingly in 2019 gained additional urgency and meaning in the light of COVID-19. 

Seen this way, worldbuilding for MU became the word of this bizarre year. It not only refers to the exhibition Worlding Worlds – the longest-running in the history of MU if only because,  one week before the opening in March, we had to close our doors for over two months – but most of all to the creative abilities we all need to imagine a different and preferably better world. A world without COVID-19, where black lives do matter and where the climate and the earth not only deserve our respect, but actually receive it. 

We also convincingly contributed to the launch of a new movement in the already lush design landscape with the joyful, busy, but also philosophically profound Self Design Academy. For this manifestation, eighteen young makers came up with as many interesting projects that didn’t focus on objects for a change but turned to the self for redesign. They were realized in MU’s exhibition space as well as online, and this doubling of our reach turned out to be even more important when Dutch Design Week was cancelled as a physical event. Online, however, both DDW and MU carried on at a steady pace; MU was even in the running for a Dutch Design Award with The Object is Absent (we didn’t get it, eventually, but still).

All this and the fact that, since the summer, we were able to present stimulating, exciting and animated live programs in our exhibitions nearly every Thursday night, and the fact that the state, the province and the city all gave MU the green light for its multiannual plan 2021-2024, fills us with hope and energy for the upcoming year and all the plans we are making for 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you again. For now, we wish everyone quiet and healthy holidays and a happy new year!

MU director Angelique Spaninks & deputy director Gieske Bienert