4 Days of Plotting Bio Art & Design 4 Days of Plotting Bio Art & Design 4 Days of Plotting Bio Art & Design 4 Days of Plotting Bio Art & Design

4 Days of Plotting Bio Art & Design


This weekend MU is adding additional content and engaging depth to the exhibition Plotting Patterns and Portals with a public program consisting of lectures, film and workshops.

Thursday evening, 7 March - Evening of Close Encounters

Are you an adventurous sci-fi fan, always looking out for ufo's and the latest extraterrestrial blockbuster? Are you then also prepared to completely turn your perspective around and get closer to your inner aliens for once?
If yes, then come to MU on Thursday March 7 and join in an Evening of Close Encounters together with Hung Lu Chan and his team of cognitive neuroscientists.

19.30 Doors open

20.00 Introduction and Inner Aliens-workshop by Hung Lu Chan

21.00 Screening of sci-fi classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind

23.15 Recap and drinks

0.00 End of the evening

More info work Inner Aliens  https://mu.nl/en/txt/close-encounters-with-inner-aliens-2023


Friday evening, 8 March - An evening on Improvisation and Scenario's by Karel van Laere and Pete Fung

Performance Reach Karel van Laere


Sunday, March 10th - 13:00

Have we met? 

How do we stay in dialogue in a divided world, where differences seem to be increasing? And how can we maintain a flexible attitude despite the speed of science, technology and social media, where our opinions can and do always change? Participate as a intergenerational duo in "HAVE WE MET?" at MU Hybrid Art House.
This tour is in Dutch

Click here for tickets

Sunday, March 10th - 15:00

re-c(O)unting performance ella hebendanz, pamela varela

More info Re-c(O)unting performance


Photo's : Boudewijn Bollman