Design Debates no 3. (of 11) - Plagiarism vs. Inspiration

Design Debates no 3. (of 11) - Plagiarism vs. Inspiration

30th January 15:00-16:30

Designhuis Eindhoven, Stadhuisplein 3, Eindhoven
A plenary discussion with Tim Vermeulen, Christine Lacroix, Gie van den Broek and Bob Copray


"What you really worry about in the design of furniture or in architecture are the bad copies, when your idea is used in a kind of booby way” - Charles Eames


Plagiarism occurs in every discipline: in music, journalism and technology, and also in design. Is it still possible to protect products and concepts? When do you cross the line of inspiration or referencing to become plagiarism? What could happen if the world isn’t restricted by patents and ideas are free for all? On the 30th of January, we will discuss the fine line between plagiarism and inspiration and whether there is a future for patents or if open data and knowledge will be the downfall for patents and plagiarism lawsuits.


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