Feast of Thesmophoria: A manifesto dinner

Feast of Thesmophoria: A manifesto dinner

Friday januari 17, starting at 6 pm

Kick off of the re-enactment of the old Greek womXn only Thesmophoria festival guided by bio-artist Charlotte Jarvis, who is on mission to create female sperm and destroy patriarchy in it's wake. 

During the kick off the project will be introduced, we'll be world building and thinking speculatively creating a wild ideation around the future of female sperm. This will culminate in a collectively written Thesmophoria: Manifesto for an alternative present. 

Apply for participation by sending an email to:


writing participant manifesto dinner in the tagline and adding your cellphone number

Location:  Church of Atelier NL, Bergmannstraat 76, Eindhoven.

WomXn only