Immersive Journalism

Immersive Journalism

By Jim Brady and Ward Goes on Thursday evening June 27 starting at 7pm

In their research on Immersive Journalism designers Jim Brady and Ward Goes look at the use of VR technologies in both current day and future journalism. Immersive journalism is a type of journalism that relies on ‘experiece’ rather than ‘report’. Its premise: VR allows audiences to experience news events themselves, which gives a more objective perspective and generates empathy. This research project looks at the current day use of VR and explores other ways in which it can be employed within journalism. 

Together with guests Danielle Arets, Vito Boeckx and Ruben van de Ven they will be doing a workshop at MU Artspace in the evening of the 27th of June. During this workshop they open up their research, experiment with different formats and narratives, and take time for discussion with participants. During the workshop (which is the second of a series of three workshops hosted by the TU/e Innovation Space, MU Artspace and Effenaar) they will look specifically at the way in which narratives are presented in 3D virtual environments.


19:00 — 20:00 (40 min of demo and testing / 20 min discussion).

Exploring and discussing networked and cross-over narratives. How can different news stories be represented in Virtual Spaces? 

20:00 — 21:00 (40 min of demo and testing / 20 min discussion).

Exploring and discussing the potential of RRS driven narratives. How can automated stories provoke more engagement? 

21:00 — 22:00 (40 min of demo and testing / 20 min discussion)

Exploring and discussing VR as a future platform for news reporting. How can VR spaces and interfaces facilitate navigation through different topics and reports?