MU In Real Live Thursdays

MU In Real Live Thursdays

Cultural encounters on Regular Thursday evenings

Tentatively but happily leaving the lockdowns behind, MU treats you – just like last year - to In Real Live Thursdays: cultural encounters on regular Thursday evenings with a series of surprising performances, films, music, theatre, workshops and talks. 

Next up is IRL #5: Documenting Complexity on 2 September, in which MU brings together filmmakers and artists whose work proposes alternative imaginaries for resistance. Amongst others we welcome Claude Nassar and Astrid Feringa who will discuss their recent artistic research projects and Sunjoo Lee, Seokyung Kim and Timm Donke, who will introduce the video stream Tree-001

Join us for a very first & very special experimental, hybrid event on 9 September during IRL #6: The Hmm @ Real Feelings. Eight speakers will bring us into the entangled world at the intersection of emotions and technology. Amongst others we'll welcome artists Esther Hunziker and Marie Munk, who both show work in Real Feelings. You can either join the evening virtually or in real life. As an online visitor you'll be linked to someone who is physically present at MU and takes their 'virtual buddy' in tow. Ticket sale via The Hmm

We kicked off on 1 and 2 July with IRL #1: Oxygen Debt. Together tireless fitness coach Luit Bakker, 15 other participants trained both body and soul during this philosophical spinning class by Werkplaats van de Woestijne.

We continued the summer program on 15 July with IRL #2: Immuno-ecology, in which BAD Award winner 2020 Sissel Marie Tonn and scientists Heather Leslie & Juan Garcia Vallejo took us along their collaborative research on sentinel species and speculated about the imaginary field of study 'immune-ecology'. Special guest of the evening was Shivant Jhagroe, assistant professor at Leiden University. 

On 22 July it was time for a little celebration! During IRL #3, KONT - the annual magazine and at the same time nomadic, artistic vehicle based in Eindhoven - celebrated its 5th anniversary and presents the premiere of its documentary 'Staying With The Tides/Bij de getijden blijven'. Together with the audience and makers which have been involved with KONT over the last years we reflected on the past, now and later of the magazine. 

During IRL #4 on 29 August, MU invited artist Robert Glas & writer Maxim Februari. After screening Glas' video installation 'Afwezigheid van Alle Schuld' (Absence of All Guilt), Glas and Februari discussed the many and far-reaching implications of the work and the underlying political, legal, social, technological and emotional issues.