MU is looking for a great colleague...

MU is looking for a great colleague...

who happens to be a Digital Communications specialist

for 24 hours a week

MU is looking for a digital wizard who knows exactly which turns to take in order to reach MU’s (potential) audiences online and who is excited to make creative, catchy content that actually connects.

Your work follows the rhythm of the exhibitions and events at MU. In the run-up to an opening you roll up your sleeves and respond to the moment. When everything is up and running, there’ll be more room for the development of creative content, strategy and making long-term plans.
You will be creating events, making or editing appealing animations, texts, photos and videos in consultation with your immediate colleagues. You are often present online, posting and re-posting on different channels, always alert for things that might be of importance to MU. In addition, you will be involved in setting up a new website and contribute to enhancing MU’s visibility. If you are able to keep a tight schedule as well, that would be great!

•    You think and function at UAS level (HBO).
•    You are interested in art and (digital) culture, especially hybrid art forms & design.
•    You are well experienced in social media management and content and know the ins and outs of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as Vimeo, LinkedIn, TikTok or Snapchat.
•    You are a digital creative with a keen eye for images and all the tools to develop appealing online content.
•    You know how to reach and address MU’s (potential) audiences online.
•    Understanding of and experience with Google Analytics would be a plus.
•    You are flexible, creative and practical.
•    You are fluent in both Dutch and English.

•    A versatile position of up to 24 hours a week with corresponding payment.
•    An informal and creative organisation.
•    A stimulating environment where you collaborate in a small, ambitious, dynamic and amicable team.

MU is a Hybrid Art House for and of creative makers who together explore what art can be. MU has three distinct pillars: public presentations, talent development and education. It researches, questions, shares and stimulates talent, and initiates dialogues about the latest developments in the (art) world of tomorrow. To this end, MU collaborates intensively with regional, national and international artists and cultural and social partners.

MU adheres to the Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Code. In case of equal suitability, priority will be given to a candidate who contributes to the diversity within our organisation.

Are you up for the challenge? Write, film or find some other way to convince us that you are keen to reinforce the MU team. Send us your resume and motivation no later than 19 July, 2020, at

For more information, please mail or call / 06-53362874 or / 06-29010565

Click here for the job opportunity in PDF