MU presents: 'Values' @ Trajector Art Fair

MU presents: 'Values' @ Trajector Art Fair

April 30 & May 1, 2011

MU presents 'Values' a solo presentation by Jasper van Es at the Trajector Art Fair in Brussels.


Art and the artworld evolve around values. In all senses of the word: esthetic, ethic and financial. Jasper van Es likes to take this as a starting point for his project Values, in which money and the way it is used in the artworld is examined on another level.

Jaspers relationship with money is one of turbulence. On a personal level his objective is to live comfortably, but he doesn't want to sell his soul as an artist. With this in mind, Jasper started examining how the value of money can be artistically attributed or diminished. The result is three ongoing projects: 1.Maecenas, 2. An Artists Privilege and 3. An Artists Touch. All three deal with actual money becoming art objects, by becoming more or less valuable, but always collectable.

With a sharp eye for the activist and multidisciplinary practices, the platform for visual culture, MU likes to promote young artists and giving them support to produce new works. Jasper's promise as an artist has now led him to Brussels, another great step for him in his first year working professionally. His Values project has also slipped in perfectly for the Neuconomics theme of this Trajector Art Fair.