MU X Self Design

MU X Self Design

Looking back on The Self Design Academy

Together with Noam Youngrak Son, Emma Verhoeven and Marlot Meyer, we look back on The Self Design Academy. Via Zoom these talented, young artists reflected on their personal definition of self design and the way this came to life in their works, both offline at MU and online via

Marlot Meyer is an interactive media artist. Working closely with both physical and digital media, the body and the environment, she is able to explore the boundaries and liminal space between the two, and to invite others to explore their own bodies through experiencing her work. Her interactive media installation LIMB-O accentuates the powers and dialogues that occur within our body, and our physical and digital environments. 

To design oneself is partly to design the digital representation of oneself. Face filters enable us to digitally become something else, beyond the boundaries of person, gender, race, age, species. Designer Noam Youngrak Son experimented with this by using the face filter 'Becoming Noam', which applies their facial image on the face of others. It provides them an opportunity to act or to make statements as the artist themselves, who in their turn can reproduce and spread themself online.

The works by designer and media artist Emma Verhoeven often pose questions about consumerism, individualism and technologies. Emma is interested in the fluid definition of ‘authenticity’ and its role in the modern media landscape. In her practice, she translates questions about complex societal issues into engaging audiovisual works and explorable little worlds.