MU&more program March, April & May

MU&more program March, April & May

Harlan Levey talks Moussism

Thursday 24 March
Starting at 8pm, entrance is free.
Location: The studio in the Van Abbe Museum

In the studio of Van Abbe Museum the American curator and writer Harlan Levey will tell us all about the Moussism. Soon a book of his will be published with the same title. In that book he will make a connection between formerly unaccepted movements in modern art, that nowadays are fully acknowledgeden art of now that is not always recognised as art. All of this with the rebellious motto: Mousse art looks like shit but tastes sweet.

Levey lives and works since a couple of years in Brussels, Belgium, as the editor in chief of Modart Magazine, and the driving force behind the No New enemies network. He specializes in Media Aesthetics, Action Based Practice, and is an expert in the area of Mousse Art.

MOUSSISM = a non-traditional community based movement, which is not limited to a period, place or classical notion of aesthetics, discipline, medium, ideology or style. In terms of art, it is a movement that presents work, which migrates in the viewer’s mind from shit to THE shit.


Psychedelic treats
Thursday 7 april
Startin 8pm, entrance is free.

The day before the opening of The New Psychedelica exhibition we are giving a little preview, but we also like the audience to a literally psychedelic pre-taste. In stead of the regular snacks we are offering some psychedelic treats. Two chefs will experiment with different kinds of ingrediënts. Some will make you hallucinate lightly, others will give you a relaxed feeling, but all the treats will be a sensation for the senses. The best ones will be selected to be served during the New Psychedelica afterparty at Stroomhuis on friday.


Submarine Channel presents: Psychedelic clips
Thursday 21 april
Starting 8pm, entrance free

That MU and Submarine Channel more often share the same fascinations was already obvious in their collaboration to make the exhibition Forget the Film, Watch the Titles. But also when it comes to The New Psychedelica they share an interest. Like MU recognizes a new wave in psychedelic art, Submarine sees a hausse in psychedelic music clips. After making a first psychdelic program for IDFA, they now make a new mindblowing selection for MU.


B.Y.O.B Eindhoven

Thusday 5 May
Starting 8pm, entrance is free

BYOB, Bring Your Own Beamer is an 'open-source' one-nightexhibition, invented by the Dutch media-artist and Neenstar Rafaël Rozendaal. For a BYOB evening artists are invited to bring their own “beamers” to explore the medium of projection. After the first BYOB took place in Berlin last year, the concept turns out to be a big hit and there have been lots of BYOB-evenings in many cities in Europe and the USA. MU hosts one of the first ones in the Netherlands. Do you want to participate? Mail us at