ON SHOW | DDW23 at the MU Container

ON SHOW | DDW23 at the MU Container

Come see 'Het Kamertje' and ‘Becoming Flaccid’ during DDW

During the DDW23 the MU Container is transformed into ‘Het Kamertje’ by Myrthe Krepel and ‘Becoming Flaccid’ by designers Tom Loois, Myrthe Krepel together with photographer Daantje Bons.

‘Het Kamertje’ is an interactive performance in (semi-)public space about the power of the norm. The word normal reveals something about power relations in our society. Are we doing well when we follow the (often unwritten) rules or is that formalism? Do we dare to break rules, and if so, what reason do we have for doing so? Do we then also have an idea of how things should be different?

You will find ‘Het Kamertje’ in the MU container on Ketelhuisplein. Around ‘Het Kamertje’, you will most likely come into contact with the enforcers of the post-new normal. Do you contribute to maintaining existing structures, or do you create something new?

‘Het Kamertje’ is on show in the MU container on Sat. 21, Sun. 22 and Mon. 23 October from 12.00-14.00 and from 15.00-17.00

Learn more about ‘Het Kamertje’ here

image by Daantje Bons

Becoming Flaccid
Dick-pics and pornography have changed the way we look at images of dicks. Sexual and political connotations overshadow the playful potential of pictures showing this miraculous blend of skin and tissue, often just fumbled away between upper thighs and fabric.
For an alternative approach, designers Myrthe Krepel, Tom Loois and photographer Daantje Bons created a visual series of recontextualized cocks in a freestyle photoshoot. While aesthetically resembling product photography, the images happily inspire the viewer to rethink the roles assigned to our bodies and the constructs that shape our perceptions.

The next phase of this project involves workshops where participants can create similar images. If you're interested, please reach out to us at info@becomingflaccid.com

Becoming Flaccid will be on show in the MU container from Tue. 24 till Sun. 29 October from 11:00-18:00

Header image by Mateusz Janas