Would you like to shine during the biggest design event in North Europe? Seize this opportunity to takeover the MU stage during Dutch Design Week 2018 (20 - 28 October). The exact date will still be determined.

For this evening during Dutch Design Week, we are looking for very specific projects that relate to design (in whatever way). Your event will take place after our design talk show Create Out Loud which ends around 19.30. This means that you will use the talkshow setting and or will need to build down and up quickly.

This time MU INBETWEEN is extra special because it will be during Dutch Design Week. Reaching a huge audience is now within your reach. Sign up for the MU INBETWEEN #5 open
call and send in your mega awesome plan no later than 1 September to

With MU INBETWEEN we offer MU as a platform for Eindhoven and Brabant-based makers to present their project. During the build up of our new exhibitions some space is free: so the floor is yours!

What we expect from you?
- You are a creator, member of a collective or student.
- You work in Brabant.
- You create design/art, performances, games, spoken word, fashion, robotics, something in-between, or something completely different. Remember anything is possible!
- Your event is related to design
- Duration of your evenr is maximum 2,5 hours
- You can use the talkshow stage setting, so not the whole space
-You can build up and down in maximum 1 hour
- You return the MU space to us in the same condition that you got it.
- Seduce us with your proposal. It doesn't have to be extensive but show us why YOU should be the next INBETWEENER. Once our curiousity is awakened,  we will invite you to elaborate on your plan. 

What does MU offer?
We do not have budget but we offer you:
- A super cool industrial space in Strijp-S (specifications of the space to be determined with MU)
- Use of the MU space for an evening (DDW) or a whole weekend (incl. your build up and build down time)
- Input from our experts and use of our network to make your project even better (if you want)
- Use of our technical equipment and materials if available (in consultation with our producer)
- Use of MU’s (digital) communication channels for yourself

Where MU I Torenallee 40-06 Eindhoven

Deadline Send in your proposal no later than 1 September 2018 to

Procedure We will get in touch with the potential winners in the week of 3 September to check the feasibility of the plan and ask for additional information if needed. The week after we will announce the two winning projects.??When MU INBETWEEN #5 : an evening during DDW
(20-28 okt),


MU INBETWEEN #1: The most extravagant Twister game ever

MU INBETWEEN #2: Toen Eindhoven “Eindje Gramma” werd