Are you often online? Do you have knowledge of digital spaces? And do you want to contribute ideas on how the Dutch cultural sector can transform digitally? Then sign up now for the mapping sessions Voices of Makers to make your voice heard!

"More and more cultural institutions and creators are initiating a digital transformation. To do this successfully, an institution also needs an environment that encourages and advances this fundamentally different way of working. ", said Maaike Verberk, director DEN. 

DEN is the Dutch driving force of digital transformation in the cultural sector. For some time, the organisation has been researching what is needed to enable the digital transition for all players in the field. In doing so, they also like to take input from artists, designers and programmers, preferably creators who regularly find themselves in digital spaces. Are you such a creator and would you like to contribute ideas on whether a collective digital space for culture is desirable and what it might look like? 

Then sign up for Voices of Makers, a program of four mapping sessions that MU Hybrid Art House and The Hmm are conducting in the coming months on behalf of DEN with the help of visual storyteller and mapping designer Rogier Klomp.

During the four sessions, each with a specific theme, we will invite makers to think with us about an interactive public space for hybrid culture and draw maps of what is needed. The sessions will take place on:

Thursday 21 March from 10-16h at MU in Eindhoven

Session 1: Between utopia and distopia: what does the digital generation need? 

DEN, together with other research agencies, has looked into different aspects and uses of digital spaces in arts and culture - for instance, how people interact in multimedia environments or how artists collaborate together. For this first session we want to map your wishes and needs from a makers' prespective. What do we want, and definetly don't, out of a shared digital space?

Wednesday 17 April from 10-16h at The Hmm Studio in Amsterdam

Session 2: Accessibility and diversity

The second session focuses on access and diversity as core values for an open and inclusive space, both for artists and audiences. What type of features, affordances and goals do we need to keep in mind when building a new plartform — and how do we create a shared environment that focuses on enriching culture instead of profit?

Wednesday 22 May from 10-16h, location tba

Session 3: Interactivity 

Artists, makers, institutions and audiences all gather in shared spaces, but not only physical ones. What kind collectivity do we want to build together? The third session looks into the theme of interactivity, mapping together the types of hybridity we want to engange in, seeing interactivity with the art commmunity as central do its future.

Wednesday 12 June from 10-16h, location The Grey Space in The Middle, Den Haag

Session 4: Use with care: what values are important? 

In the last session, we gather the knowledge and questions brought forward in the other sessions to highlight the most important questions moving forward. How will the new digital space for the cultural sector look like, prioritise and value?

A fee of €450 is available per session. We expect you to attend a minimum of two sessions. Language is English (translation to Dutch is available).


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