Re-Create Out Loud is back!

Re-Create Out Loud is back!

Join the other talk show during DDW

Host, guests, audience, table, cameras, discussions, intermezzo – the average talk show is just soooo predictable… But not at MU! Collaborating with What If Lab and Isolde Hallensleben, MU developed their traditional talk programme at the end of a long day of DDW into an entirely new phenomenon: the re-invention of the format by much-debated designers. Re-Create Out Loud, from 21 – 25 October, 18.00 – 19.30 in MU.

During Re-Create Out Loud, don't expect the spotlights to be aimed at guests or the public, but at the scenery pieces and the many stories behind them.

On Monday, MacGuffin is going to analyse the typical talk show stage set; Arvid & Marie will get our non-human partners to speak out on Tuesday; thanks to Dries Depoorter our smartphones will allow us a profound look at ourselves on Wednesday; Adelaide Tam gives away an exciting date at the end of Thursday evening; and finally, on Friday, Tom Loois lets the physical experience of the audience take centre-stage.

Five nights in MU, from Monday to Friday, starting 6pm sharp, only during DDW: Re-Create Out Loud, the show that gets everyone talking.