Real Feelings is open for real people!

Real Feelings is open for real people!

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Saturday 5 June, we open the doors of Real Feelings to the public. We simply can’t wait to meet you again IRL and together reflect on a topic we all deal with to a greater or lesser extent, certainly in recent times: the role technology plays in our daily lives and the increasing influence it has on our emotions.

The group exhibition, which is on show at MU till 12 September, presents the works of 20 contemporary artists who explore, question, criticize, but also embrace the boundaries between emotion and technology. Especially in times of social distancing - in which we see each other more on screen than in real life – technology is the glue that both literally and figuratively connects us. But of course, there is also a more grim and dark side to our daily interaction with smartphones, apps, trackers and robots. Is technology starting to take over in such a way that it affects, maybe even manipulates, our emotions? Are we still in control of how we feel now that the boundaries between humans and machines grow narrower?

Reserve a time slot to visit MU. And get ready for the festive opening, which we have planned on Friday 11 June – just to be sure. More info will follow soon.