Save the date! 18 September opens The Self Design Academy at MU

Save the date! 18 September opens The Self Design Academy at MU

On 18 September opens the expo The Self Design Academy at MU Hybrid Art House!

Our self is elusive, to say the least. It roams in memories and dreams, it briefly shows up on x-rays and personality tests, reflects in other people's eyes — and it's gone again, hiding behind emojis and screens. Our self depends on the world around us and yet it is seen as the autonomous, accountable centre of our actions and attention. In search of recognition we rely upon our self to optimise our productivity and representation.

But what about our self that is unselfish, that strives for balance with the nonself, that thinks in terms of we, or prefers not to adjust? What about our self that is embedded in the body, in the landscape, in technology? Or our self that dissolves in data to be reassembled into manipulatable political and commercial profiles?

With The Self Design Academy, running both on- and offline until 22 November, MU Hybrid Art House, Image Society and 18 artists and designers invite you to investigate, discuss, discover and reinterpret the myriad ways to design our selves.

Join us for the opening on 18 September! Click here for more info. Get your tickets via Eventbrite (you can choose between two time slots).

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