DDW: Create Out Loud 2015

DDW: Create Out Loud 2015

DDW 2015 daily design talkshow

MU's space, centrally located at Srijp-S, will be the stage for a fresh design talkshow at the end of every Dutch Design Week-day. Everything concerning design could be point of discussion, it will be entertaining for a broad audience as well as the more developed designlover. The talkshow will place design in the center of actuality, will aim for a dialogue between makers, users and thinkers an will explore new journalistic pratice at the same time. For example: there will be experiments with Virtual Reality journalism, in cooperation with Design Academy Eindhoven (minor Crafting Narratives) and VPRO Medialab.

Host of the evenings will be Isolde Hallersleben. The shows will be covered by our own cross media platform: Emma Radio.

This talkshow is initiated by MU and Design Academy Eindhoven. Other partners are DDW, VPRO Medialab, Creative Industries Fund NL, Designhuis, MOTI and Balkan Laboratories.


Sun 18 Oct DESIGNING ALTERNATIVES Sustainable approaches

The government is highly committed to sustainable economic growth. But are growth and green compatible entities? How can designers contribute to a more circular economy focused on the maximum reuse of products? How do those missions combine green with sustainable economic design practice? What change is needed in thinking, planning and the economy to actually be able to achieve sustainable alternatives?

With Anna Dekker (Studio KNOL), Maurizio Montalti (Officina Corpuscoli), Jalila Essaïdi (Bio Art Laboratories), Cindy van den Bremen (curator de Circulaire Fabriek), Tom van Soest (Stonecycling), Nadine Sterk (Atelier NL, Earth Alchemy Factory), Alissa van Asseldonk & Renee Scheepers (Stroompunt), Anne van Strien (The Wise City) and others.

Mon 19 Oct REVERSED MENTORING Future design education

It will not be long before MOOCs and other online courses can be added to the CV. Knowledge and skills are not only gained in a classroom for quite some time now. Indeed the classrooms seem to be getting more of an exchange place where young people and their coaches and mentors (the word teacher is definitely passe) share ideas with each other.It is also called Flipping the classroom. During this session we will also flip the talkshow. We allow students to talk about the design education of the future. In the audience we welcome teachers and directors of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Artez, HKU, Willem de Kooning, SPARK entrepreneurs Academy and Academy Maastricht.

With Tamar Shafrir (tutor Design Academy Eindhoven), Alvin Arthur (student Design Academy Eindhoven), Cassandra Vughts (SPARK academie), Robert de Vaan (CMD Avans), Caroline Hummels (TU/e, Industrial Design), Erwin Slegers (HKU) and others.

Tue 20 Oct RESEARCH & SCIENCE Designers as lapdogs for scientists?

Design and science know how to find each other more and more. The innovative and exploratory spirit of the designer seems to combine well with the more analytical approach of science. But how can designers call themselves real researchers? Are they taken seriously and do the developed design products and prototypes count, as well as academic papers as interesting bearers of knowledge? How do we prevent designers being the lapdogs of scientists? How do we ensure that the looking for solutions mentality of designers, doens't scare of scientists? In short, how do we prevent mediocre design and halfhearted science?

With Koert van Mensvoort (Ambassadeur DDW15, Next Nature NETWORK en Research Fellow TU/e), Bas Raijmakers (CRISP & Lectoraat Design Academy Eindhoven), Rob Zwijnenberg (Universiteit Leiden), Mike Thompson (Thought Collider, FATBERG & CRISP), Isaac Monté (winnaar BAD AWARD 2015) and others.

Wed 21 Oct NURTURING COLLABORATIONS Balancing green & fair food

Development organization HIVOS entered a long-term collaboration with Baltan Laboratories last year under the name Age of Wonderland, to explore how design, art and development can inspire each other. During Dutch Design Week a group of eight international artists are invited in Eindhoven to share their ideas about social innovation with the public. The focus is a reciprocal relationship; what can we learn from designers in developing countries to provide better help?

With Arne Hendriks (curator Age of Wonderland, HIVOS/Baltan Laboratories), Ahadi Katera & Achmad Fadillah (ontwerpers Age of Wonderland), Pim van Baarsen (SuperLocal), Judith Zengers (ZLTO, Agri meets Design) and others.

Thu 22 Oct HEALTHY URBAN LIVING Social design practices

What do we need to properly set up our future urban life? According to many forecasts the growth of cities will only proceed. This requires new ways of living, working and recreating together. What will the new work landscape look like? Are we going gather our income from changing networks, are we going to move more often, or not? How do leisure, work and recreation go together with the crowded cities?

With Jorge Alves Lino (Designhuis), Eline Hesse (Creactivism), Desiree van der Gracht (A Future Home), Eléonore Delisse & Laura Ferriere (The White Building), Kristel Hermans (Talk to the Floor), David Hamers (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving), Vivian van Gaal & Danny van der Laan (MU), Conor Trawinski (Uit de Buurtfabriek) and others.

Fri 23 Oct CREATIVE CODING & CRYPTO DESIGN Shaping our digital lives

Must a good designer be able to encode in the future? As more designes takes place on or behind the screen, that question is more pressing than ever. Interfaces, serious games, applications and websites require a robust design and it's a sector that will continue to grow in the coming years. Do designers have a real voice in this area or are they being overshadowed by the techies? How much power does the user have in the final product? The by MOTI developed Crypto Design Challenge goes one step further by also taking a closer look on the extremely complicated securing of text and image. In art schools most attention is focused towards developing artistic vision and visual style and technology is hardly an issue, while at the technical universities, the artistic and creative visual aspect remains underexposed. The Crypto Design Challenge will provide a bridge between the two worlds. Visual designers need to be involved at an early stage in the development of technology. In short: who will shape and secure our digital domain and what do we as an audience actually think is desirable?

With Mieke Gerritzen (MOTI), Caroline Nevejan (TU Delft), Rosa Menkman (winnares Crypto Design Challenge), Jarl Schulp (Fiber & Coded Matters), Tijmen Schep (Set Up), Vivian van Gaal (MU, Coded Creatures & De Creatieve Code), Alain Dujardin (creatief directeur Greenberry), Bastiaan de Nennie (The Digital Virtuosity), Thomas Widdershoven (creatief directeur Design Academy Eindhoven, curator Thing Nothing), Bart Brouwers (E25), Koert van Mensvoort (Ambassador DDW15, Next Nature NETWORK and  Research Fellow TU/e) and others.

Sat 24 Oct IMMERSIVE FUN Designing experience

There is a great need for new stories in the new media landscape. New technologies such as immersive virtual reality and the gaming industry in theory have unprecedented opportunities, but the practice is still in its infancy. Together with students of the studio Crafting Narratives of Design Academy Eindhoven, the VPRO lab has started an investigation into these new ways of narrative through VR. What does the public experience? Can we tell them more empathic stories and does it increase the experiential aspect? To what extent can we use it in other contexts such as health care, science or politics?

With Aldo Hoeben (fieldOfView), Steye Hallema (VPRO Medialab), studenten Crafting Narratives (DAE), Detlef La Grand (WOID), Mirjam van Dijk (VPRO Peepshow), Thierry Pul (Purple Pill) Allison Crank (The Reality Theatre), PieterJan Pieters (OWOW), Bart Brouwers (E52), Danielle Arets (Design Academy Eindhoven) and others.

Where MU
When 18 - 24 October
Opening hours every day from 17.30 - 19.30
Free entrance
View the videos of the talkshows right here!


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Images: HeyHeydeHaas