DDW: The Parliament of Things

DDW: The Parliament of Things

In the MU Container at Plug in City, Strijp-S during DDW

What if people would share their political power with non-human things? What if animals, plants, objects and technologies can represent their own interests?

Welcome to the Anthropocene: for the first time in the history of the planet one species (mankind) has become a driving force of development of the earth’s climate and atmosphere. In this new age, man faces the challenge of climate change, a hyper-problem so vast and profound that we can hardly grasp its dimensions. For this reason, Thijs Middeldorp and Joost Janmaat (Partizan Publik) have convened the Parliament of Things: an upgrade for our thinking, a new step for our imagination and new ways to discuss man and nature.

In the MU containers at Plug-In-City, opposite the Onder de Leidingstraat, The Parliament of Things will have ample space to advocate the emancipation of animals and objects. Mankind has reached the end of an anthropocentric era and the duality between culture and nature becomes obscured. We share this world with many, so why would we not admit all animals and things to our parliament? And what would vacuum cleaners and fish have to say to this? 


Opening hours container during DDW:
Monday til Friday 12:00 - 18:00h
Saturday & Sunday 11:00 - 18:00h

Opening 22 October at 15.00h with drinks, talks and interviews.

Tree Talks 22, 23, 26, 29 & 30 October from 13.00 - 15.00h 
A conversation with 7.000 beech trees, led by Joost Janmaat & Thijs Middeldorp.

Create Out Loud #6 29 October, doors open at 17.30
A talkshow presented by Isolde Hallensleben. Guests a.o. Joost Janmaat & Thijs Middendorp (Partizan Publik), Lotte van den Berg (artist), Eva Meijer (author of Animal Language and PhD student on the political voice of animals) and Fien Veldman (essay prize winner, NRC).

Building Conversation - Parliament of Things 28 October from 20.00 - 23.00h 
You’re invited to participate in the parliament and speak from the perspective of things. More info...

Where MU container at Plug-In-City, Strijp-S
When 22 October - 30 October 2016

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