Design Nonfiction

Design Nonfiction

By Tellart

A new landscape is taking shape around us, made of artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and synthetic biology. Science may not completely comprehend this complex, elusive matter yet, but designers are already working with it anyway. How do they do it? How do they imagine a world that is constantly developing? How will the choices they make today impact the world of tomorrow, when they will be gone?

For Design Nonfiction, design studio Tellart interviewed over fifty internationally renowned designers about their profession and their views on the present, past and future of digital design. These conversations are collected at the website. To kick off the project, MU will show the first seven interviews and four thematic stories.

To make the dynamics of design more tangible for the audience, MU will also show Tellart’s Terraform; another landscape, made of sand, that lets you shape the world with the aid of machine intelligence. Technically, we can manipulate the earth—but do we actually want to?

On show 22 March - 22 April 2019
Opening Friday 22 March, from 20.00.

Design Nonfiction live panel
Thursday 18 April, from 20.00 at MU (tickets via Eventbrite)