Hulda, Lilli & The Roach by Maija Tammi

Hulda, Lilli & The Roach by Maija Tammi

Join us to learn about empathy and human nature.

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July 5 - September 15






Life and death, disgust and fascination, beauty and horror. Contrasts like these are central to the spectacular work of Finnish artist and researcher Maija Tammi. Very consciously, she places her work at the intersection where art and science meet. Through stories, Tammi unravels both biological and technological phenomena using photography and video, animations, and installations. Hulda, Lilli & The Roach brings together two of her most recent works, in which seemingly captivating nature simultaneously exposes a deep human emotion like empathy and touches on the science of the predictive brain.

They are called Hulda & Lilli, and simply by giving them a name you feel closer to them. Hulda & Lilli are a chameleon and a locust in a story by the Finnish artist Maija Tammi. Through storytelling she examines empathy towards both non-human animals. Meticulously captured and emotionally loaded, the stories teach us about human nature. But as a viewer you first must choose.

Maija Tammi also made a new work, again delving into the human and non-human mind. On The Third Day features an intoxicated cockroach. It slowly wakes up in a dark cave not knowing how it got there. It also wonders what the growing thing between its legs is? The Roach has three days to figure it out...

Hulda, Lilli & The Roach is Maija Tammi’s first solo in the Netherlands. Her work is hybrid and multilayered to its core, connecting art and science, nature and culture, storytelling and research in intriguing ways.

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