Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times

Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times

25 years of radical shapeshifting at MU

Hybridity shapes MU for 25 years already. Our entire Art House is built on it. But what hybrid is, or can be, constantly changes. It moves from within or reacts to what happens outside, but never stands still. That's why we celebrate MU's birthday this summer with four full months of Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times

We hold hybridity up to the light, unravel it and rewrite it; we taste it and smell it, we mix and match, play with it and question what you think it could be. To challenge ourselves, our audience and many of the artists we've worked with over the years, we are not presenting it like a typical MU exhibition. Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times will be a playful collage, a shapeshifting experience combining disparate disciplines and artistic practices into an ever-changing program of installations and performances, films and talks, astute glee and joyful radicality. Just drop in for anything at any time so we can lay a foundation for the future together. 

CEMENTO - Stephan Velema

Building a Museum - Li Binyuan

#Beingyourselfie - Hanneke Wetzer

Rhetorical Bodies - Paula Strunden
cure my SAD - Wasted Rita

To Be Continued - Nineties Productions

Repainting Subway Art - Tripl/Furious

Welcome Hybriarian - Rogier Klomp

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine - HeyHeydeHaas

Home Sweet Home - Vis-à-Visa Collective

The Guangzhou Wedding of Things - MacGuffin & Alexandre Humbert

United Mental States - Emma Verhoeven

The Artificial Self - Lukas Völp

Eroliteracy - Nikola Scheibe

Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator - Arvid & Marie

Oeverloos - Hanan Faour

MUmories - Sophia Boschat-Thorez, Simon Browne, Artemis Gryllaki, Margarita Osipian, Karl Moubarak, Carolina Pinto, Laurence Scherz and Angelique Spaninks

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MU is supported by 
Ministerie van OCW
Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven
Provincie Noord-Brabant
Fonds 21 Extra

Participating artists amongst many others..
Alexandre HumbertAriah LesterDFuseEmma VerhoevenHeyHeydeHaasLi BinyuanLucas MaassenLukas VölpLuit Bakker & Bart van de WoestijneMacGuffinMarie Caye & Arvid JenseNineties ProductionsNikola ScheibePaula StrundenRogier KlompVis-à-Visa Collective, Zwermers