The Object is Absent

The Object is Absent

Optimistic manifesto for less materialistic design

It looks like we’re drowning in a sea of things – high time to reconsider our perception of the world and act accordingly. Can we find fresh perspectives on the relations between objects and us? Zero waste, no inequality! The need for change is paramount in the radical performative and exploratory exhibition The Object is Absent during the Dutch Design Week. 

In the absence of objects, representation, physical awareness and action take over. An exhibition constructed as an ever-evolving play. Not things but their makers are present, acting design, singing design, dancing design. They create from scratch together with you, dear visitor of MU. To play along is the only thing that matters. The floor is yours!

Participating designers
Alexandre Humbert, Alvin Arthur, Andreas Refsgaard, Dorota Gazy & Peter Rombouts, Elise 't Hart & Nils Davidse, Giulia Soldati, Govert Flint, Ivi van Keulen, Louis De Belle, Lucas Maassen, Mark Henning, Marie Caye, Noud Sleumer, Rawad Baaklini, Thom van Rijckevorsel, Vivien Tauchmann, Woody VenemanAlexandre Humbert
And YOU and many, many others.

Concept, curating and realisation of The Object is Absent: Alexandre Humbert, Tom Loois, Lucas Maassen and Angelique Spaninks.